Mandarin Harbour provides me with a tailored course to reach my objective of learning Business Mandarin Chinese. To organize the course, we first discussed the objective, and then agreed on the adequate material and schedule. At the beginning of each class we carefully review the material previously studied then move on to new subjects.

Sometimes, we organize a specific course to fill gaps identified during the training, such as grammar points. The quality of the training at Mandarin Harbour is excellent and I highly recommend it.

Sylvain Olier (Marketing Manager) - Schneider Electric 

I arrived in China with no knowledge of Mandarin, and signed up for Mandarin Harbour's "Complete Beginner Signature course". This course teaches in a systematic, challenging, and pleasant way, building up the foundation of the language using correct grammar and day-to-day vocabulary.

I highly recommend this effective language training center.

Herve Lemaire (Vice-President) - Machine Solutions China 

I arrive in Shanghai 6 months ago with my fiancee. We had no Chinese language skills, so it was very important we found the right tutor with the right programme.

We were recommended Mandarin Harbour by a friend who had used them previously (an now speaks fluent Mandarin) and we've been extremely happy with their service, professionalism and patience. Our tutor has an excellent command of the English language and is very structured in her approach.

I would strongly recommend Mandarin Harbour for anyone looking to learn Mandarin from scratch or looking to build on existing knowledge as they can cater to all skill levels

Miles Wilson (Director) - Supply Chain & Business Development, The McDonald's Division - Asia Pacific 

During our stay in Shanghai our family used Mandarin Harbour to learn Chinese.

My husband's goal was to acquire some basic vocabulary to get around in Shanghai. I had previously studied in a different school but was very confused about Chinese Grammar. My daughter took lessons to complement her Chinese school work.

We were very happy with the service and the level of education.

The teacher was very patient, explained Chinese grammar in an easy, understandable way using excellent English. All my questions were satisfactorily answered. From my previous experience I always felt that, unlike studying a European language, Chinese grammar was something you had to pick up over time rather than properly study it which I found very confusing. This is not the case at Mandarin Harbour where structures and patterns are properly explained.

If you are serious about learning Mandarin and willing to put in the effort, then I highly recommend Mandarin Harbour.

Ruddy Sterckx, Marleen De Mol, Mira Sterckx - Coca Cola (China) Beverage Ltd.

We started our Chinese course as soon as we arrived in Shanghai fromItaly; we are really satisfied to have chosen Mandarin Harbour as Chinese school. School managers pay a lot of attention to the students and the teaching quality; teachers are very well trained and professional.

Terms and conditions were clear and very well explained from the beginning.

Mimmo Verrastro, Maria Bascianelli - Metatron Advanced NGV Technologies (Shanghai) Ltd.

The teacher and I had our last class this week and completed the Intensive Mandarin book. I am very pleased by her teaching and what I have learned during the duration of the course. Thanks for all your help.

Natasha Hemal Desai - Siemens (China) Ltd. Shanghai Branch 

I'm really pleased with my Cantonese teacher she attends class on time and gives some great explanations! I've moved from simply learning lots of words to using them in sentences and having two classes per week has really helped me retain phrases.

Emma - English First Language Institution