Survival Mandarin Course

Objective of Course

Survival Mandarin course (40 hours) is tailored to the needs of beginner students who wish to learn Mandarin in a slightly less formal way and have no foundation at all.  This helps beginners to quickly grasp listening and speaking of Mandarin, and achieve real communication with Chinese people.

This course is designed for students who are interested in basic daily practical daily communication. It gives a basic Mandarin language introduction. We teach students vocabulary, phrases and basic grammar tips for daily survival use only. This way of learning is based upon students repeating, memorizing, and oral practicing, if students are not interested in grammar study. Upon completion of this course, students should have about 450 words, 80 daily expressions, and 40 grammar points. Students also have a good understanding of common Chinese culture.

Course Design

This course aims to provide tools which help promote quick and efficient communication with Chinese people for those who are devoted to business and cultural exchanged with China. For this reason, the contents of the course are as follows:

  1. Inter-translation between pinyin and English without teaching Chinese characters.
    This helps beginners quickly achieve their purpose of communication and develop more interest in learning during this process.
  2. The use of English approximation of pinyin and real person pronunciation.
    This will assist learners in correcting pronunciation at any time and quickly grasp the pronunciation of Mandarin.
  3. The Study of "Hot topics"; which will come in handy after the study!
    Most commonly-seen ordinary life scenes included in this course are hot daily topics that every beginner needs to learn. Relevant life and culture knowledge extended from these topics will help learners quickly understand the current situation of China. Key words and phrases of each topic are summarized and made into sentences, and sentences are then made into dialogues. After the study of each of the hot topics, learners will be able to apply their knowledge to real-life conversations and perform communications.
  4. Easy to understand grammar tips.
    This course adopts the method of analyzing grammar strictly according to the text, and explains grammar with the simplest language in order to help learners fast understand and use the language.
  5. Stickers of commonly used vocabulary that create Chinese Language environment.
    Language learners are often troubled by how to enhance memory. The delicate stickers will help learners can stick them to daily-used things and lean Chinese vocabulary whenever they are using these things.

Try your best to use what you have learnt in this course in your daily life and you will have a pleasant surprise!