Experience China Courses

Mandarin Harbour offers specific custom-made courses designed to enable students to make the most of their time in China. These short courses are extremely popular with our students who wish to focus on a specific topic and fast track their knowledge.

To enroll on an "Experiencing China" course, students must have completed the any of the Complete Beginner courses or the "Signature" course, or have been assessed by our team to have an equivalent level via another study means.

We offer the following 7 "Experience China" courses. Students may take any one, or as many as they wish!

  • Experience China - Official Communication (60-80 hours)
  • Experience China - Business Communication (60-80 hours)
  • Experience China - Studying in China (60-80 hours)
  • Experience China - Culture Communication (60-80 hours)
  • Experience China - Living in China (60-80 hours)
  • Experience China - Travelling in China (60-80 hours)
  • Experience China - Sports in China (60-80 hours)