Business Mandarin Courses

The Mandarin Harbour Business Course is designed for people who wish, or need, to use Chinese in their work. We recognize that being able to communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers will give you an advantage in your job in China and allow you to develop your career and be more effective.

To join a Business course, students must have completed our Complete Beginner Level or "Signature" course, or have been assessed by our team to have an equivalent level via another study means.

Our Business courses are divided into 3 levels:

Gateway Business Course (120 Hours)
Objectives: In this gateway course, we will focus on Business Etiquette, Daily Business communication, Business related social gatherings, and Chinese words and phrases to use in the office. Topics covered include: Use of appropriate expressions for reception, greeting, introduction, apology and congratulation; telephone and appointment making, giving an introduction of a company or product, giving or getting a quotation, consulting, bargaining, writing or revising a plan, ways to cooperate, analyzing and problem solving. On completion of the Gateway business course you will learn 200 commonly used business sentence patterns, 1200 business words and expressions, and 500 characters.

Business Level 2: Chinese for Economics and Trade (80 hours)
Objectives: This course will build on the foundation gained in the Gateway business course, and will focus on specific words and phrases used in Economics and Trade. Topics covered include: Intention of Buying and Selling, Holding talks about price, Discounts and Commission, Types of payment, Delivery & Shipment, Insurance, Contract signing, Credit issues, Claims & Arbitration, Trade fairs, and e-business.

Business level 3: Chinese for International Business and Trade (80 Hours)
Objectives: This course topic includes a variety of business related social activities, such as visits, seminars, exhibitions. This course purpose is to turn the "dead" language materials into "live" knowledge and enhance the students' ability to express themselves freely in Chinese. During level 3 you will learn 3052 new expressions related to international business and trade.