English In The Workplace Course

Our Signature course is primarily designed for employees of foreign or multinational companies whose internal language for all communications is English. Most large companies now adopt English for internal communications so that employees from different parts of the world can easily communicate, and there is therefore an expectation (or requirement) that all people above a certain level must be proficient and confident to communicate, both spoken and written, in English.

For the employer is it important that staff understand English sufficiently well so as to enable effective communications without any possibility of partial misunderstanding. To do this the employee must be trained to understand the standard that must be attained, and how to communicate clearly and concisely.

For the employee, having a good understanding of English will enable him or her to progress within the company without language becoming a limiting factor. It will therefore enhance their career possibilities.

Most companies have specific “ways” of doing business and of communicating internally. At Mandarin Harbour we therefore learn the procedures of the client company, and then design courses that will enable us to train staff to effectively communicate in the way the company requires. We will also train employees more generally to improve their grammar and vocabulary so as to enable them to be more precise and clear in their communications.

This course can also be combined with one of our cross-culture training courses, which will help the employee to learn and understand different patterns of behavior between different cultures, and to develop strategies to ensure cultural misunderstandings are eliminated.